It was great playing Albert’s Insomnia with you and meeting you at CAMT in San Antonio!

What does Albert’s Insomnia have to offer your school?

• Albert’s Insomnia makes learning and practicing math fun
• Offers excellent creative and critical thinking skills opportunities
• Aids in problem solving development
• Improves scores on standardized math exams (12% average in 3rd, 4th & 5th grade!)
• Automatically tiers instruction
• Engages even the most math reluctant students with its classic “game play” feel

I am writing all of those that expressed an interest in Albert’s App or ERP (Electronic Resource Program) and offering the program at a special introductory cost.

• We are going to offer Albert’s ERP with ALL of its features to you for only $3.00/user for the 2013/2014 school year.
• We will also continue this special introductory pricing on the next school year’s renewal and as long as you keep renewing!
• Our regular price in the future will be $6.00/user.

ERP full features:

1) Albert’s Insomnia Game with formative assessment tracking abilities for each student included. The scoring formula includes time used and targets hit for an accurate portrayal of math fact fluency.

2) School Administrators’ Dash board feature allows admin to see an entire class’s math scores as they change over time on a graph. This helps focus additional resources where they are needed most (even before testing.)

3) Teachers can select the numbers (1-12) for the game as well as the functions (+, -, X, /, factorials, and/or Exponents) allowed.

• For k-2 we recommend + and – with 6 numbers.
• For 3-5 best results are achieved with +,-,x ,/ and 4 numbers.
• For 6-8 you can introduce exponents and factorial usage in the game for some fun practice with new math concepts.

4) The ERP also has a competition version where that can be used like a spelling bee. This creates an opportunity to have school-wide, district-wide, state-wide, or even nation-wide contests! The competition version also allows ads from sponsors if desired to raise $$ and even offer prizes.

If you have any questions about Albert’s Insomnia or the new Electronic Resource Program for your school please feel free to give Rick call at 678-787-4524 or send an email to