Unique MATH Student Skills Improvement Offer

Is So Unique And Effective It Was Awarded A U.S. Patent

An Innovative FUN Game That Teaches MATH FUNdamentals

Your student’s will love Albert’s Daily Challenges and you will love what Albert does for them!  There are almost 1000 different hands of the game in our patented data base to keep the students’ interest all through elementary school! Albert’s Insomnia is cleverly disguised as a game kids would normally play just for FUN but as they play they also learn MATH FUNdamentals that forever enhance their MATH skills and give them the MATH confidence and motivation to pursue MATH and SCIENCE studies throughout their life.

This program is so unique that its game engine has been awarded a U.S. Patent!


Pilot Schools Have Had Remarkable Results In Standardized Tests

Formal elementary school tests have been conducted in two states. The Texas tests resulted in a 23% increase in computational proficiency in just 2 weeks of “play” while the Georgia tests reported 33% more elementary students exceeding the standard on the state test!

This Proven MATH Learning Technique Alleviates MATH Anxiety

ALBERT’S Insomnia breaks down the traditional barriers for MATH learning in grade school students which ensures some MATH success and enjoyment that gets the students “Hooked On MATH!”
The high engagement level and extended “play” are critical tools to help in establish proper storage of math facts into long-term memory.


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