About Us

Albert’s Insomnia is an affordable, award winning math game, for 1 or more players, ages 6-99! Kids and adults both have a great time playing, even with each other!

  • Provides excellent Critical and Creative thinking skills opportunities.
  • Play when school is out or on holidays to stop the “summer slide.”
  • Develops Concentration skills. Great problem solving practice.
  • Keep everyone engaged; even on the go (in the car, in the waiting room at Dr. office; fits easily in your purse or pocket.)
  • Great self-confidence/esteem builder. Players don’t feel lucky when they play; they feel smart!
  • While kids are having fun they are improving their mental math abilities, reinforcing math facts, and intuitively improving their “number sense” with deductive reasoning. Playing may even improve standardized test scores for your students too!
  • When played with two or more; helps develop communication and collaboration skills.
  • Game keeps even different skill level players engaged with each other.
  • Players can choose to play one hand or extended play and try to win all the cards in the deck. (10-15 minutes or hours of fun.)